List of Machineries
  If there is something unique about Maasi in the waterworks world, something which sets it apart from the rest, it is the breath
of its service package. Maasi has a complete solution from back end water main projects to the end user last mile solutions.

When we create a solution, we leave no stone unturned – from feasibility studies and advice on waterworks policy and strategy
through engineering, construction, installation and maintenance of sites.

Maasi’s reputation as a key waterworks contractor on a one stop shop is based on all-round quality. Clients put their entire
projects in our hands, confident and secure in the knowledge that Maasi’s expertise is a guarantee for a job well done.

We, at Maasi believe that there is no good offering of a total solution unless you are in control of each and every component. Maasi has specialists in most fields of waterworks industry with independent consultation to offer clients strategic advice on waterworks construction and solutions.

Highly qualified engineers actualize regional, national and international waterworks networks from determining infrastructure to complete network management. Fellow experts actualize entire projects for clients and main contractors in this field. Experienced technicians are responsible for the service and repair of waterworks systems and the tailor-made assembly of waterworks equipment and systems.

Broad areas where Maasi is actively involved:

  • Domestic Plumbing
  • Watermains & Reticulation
  • Sewermains & reticulation
  • Construction of Reservoir
  • Sewerage Treatmant Plants
  • Suction Tanks & Pumping Station

List of Machineries

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